Studding/Breeding Your Dog

Congratulations!! Your little furry friend is all grown up now. Are you looking for a high-breed mate for your dog? We offer you all under one roof. We excel in Studding/ Breeding Dog services with full credibility. From pre-conception care to post-partum concern we are your partner throughout your dog breeding journey.

Preconception care:

It is very important that you take care of your bitch well. For physical health, it is essential that the bitch is well fed and exercised. Any problem must be ruled out as soon as the first signs are visible. All the vaccinations must be in time and she must be wormed.

Choosing the right partner:

You need to find the most suitable dog. Once you have finalized the dog it is a must to check upon his health and temperament. The dog must have had all his vaccination and wormed, just like the bitch. He dog must be a real representative of its breed. To ensure, the pedigrees of thedog must be known. Breeding two pure breeds create quality produce. If you breed a crossbreed with a pure dog, the babies must be a higher-grade of thecross breed which will be tough to re-home and the characteristics would be purely unknown.

Fees and payments:

It is not necessary that you involve into a business of dog breeding. You may find dog owners who offer dog breeding for free. However, a minimum charge would be applied to clean the litter or may for the puppy. We charge commission only.

The Heat Cycle:

To make your puppy a happy bitch, you must know about her “season”. A typical bitch comes into theseason before they attain the age of 12 months. However, it might be as long as two years before a bitch comes “in Heat”. The time varies from breed to breed.

The telltale signs that tell your bitch are in heat entails:

  • Frequent urination
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swelling around the Vulva
  • Licking around the Vulva
  • Spotting around the Vulva

A constant check by a vet is, however, a must to ensure that your bitch has a happy and healthy cycle.